What is a Sighthound….they are a group of breeds in which some have existed for thousands of years. Most of the Sighthound breed family is built for hunting. Their vision can detect the slightest movement of prey. The long legs of the Sighthound allow them a long stride to keep up with deer or rabbit. They also have chest are deep to support a large heart and lungs built for sprinting.

What is this Project about…recently I had someone ask me why Sighthounds, this last year I photographed Ibizan and Greyhounds. I fell in love with these two breeds personalities and their physical form to me, is a work of art. I then decided I wanted to capture as much of the Sighthound family as possible and show their beauty to the world.

While this project origin was to highlight the beauty and elegance of the Sighthound family, as I have started on this journey and learned more about each of the breeds the project is becoming more of a mission. My mission is to share with the world not only their beauty but for some of the breeds the story of their plight, like the Greyhound, Galgos, Pondecos, and Lurchers to name a few. I am learning so much as I go on this journey and my hope is in the end to share it all with anyone who wants to listen. 

What will the results be…there will be several from this project but the ultimate goal is to give back. The first will be a Sighthound calendar, the second will be a gallery exhibit (possibly in two locations), and the third is a book.

I’m currently looking into a rescue groups to be part of a ongoing donation fund from the proceeds of this project. Once the project develops a following and the rescue groups have been identified, I will then determine a percentage to donate. My goal is to start at no less than 10% and as the project grows the percentage may adjust.

What Breeds will I be photographing soon...as the warmer weather approaches I am hoping to not only locate some of the other needed breeds but also revisit some of the breeds that have already been in for studio sessions in order to capture their outdoor images. Some of those breeds will be the Afghan Hound, Galgos Espanol, Lurchers, Podenco Canario. If you have reached out to me but haven't heard back, please resend your message. Upcoming scheduled appointments include Greyhounds, Italian Greyhound, and Scruffy Galgo.

What Breeds am I still looking for...currently I am still looking for Borzoi, Azawakh, Basenjis, Italian Greyhound, Silken Windhound, Pharaoh Hound, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Scottish Deerhound. There is another list of breeds that are more rare than this grouping that I may not be able to accomplish during the course of this project, but I will do my best to locate as many as I can. If you or someone you know is interested...contact me at angel@sallade.net. If you participate, you will get a session for free and at the end of the project you will get an opportunity to purchase prints from your session. 

As you have probably figured out...I won't be able to get to every breed in the Sighthound family. You may also have noticed I am photographing those deemed as the questionable breeds to the family. I personally feel this project is about the story of a beautiful family of dogs and their backgrounds...they should all be included and photographed.

How soon will this be completed...originally I was hoping for Spring of 2016 but at the time I set that goal I hadn't truly realized the size project. The new goal is for sessions to be completed by late 2016. I am hoping to have at least the calendars ready by September timeframe, before the holidays. The Gallery showing and book most likely will be early 2017 depending on how long it takes for me to find some of these breeds, a gallery and printing company.