Below are some of the common questions that are asked by people that contact me. I hope you find this helpful, if you have a question that isn't answered here please email me at

My dog gets overly excited when meeting new people. I don't think a session is possible with how excited he/she gets and the fact that he doesn't know sit and stay.

​Obedience isn't required however this helps the session go quicker. Many of the dogs that I work with don't know basic commands. I find other ways to work with your pet to keep them comfortable and relaxed during the session. It's important to me to highlight your dog/cats true individual personality. 

My dog cannot be off-leash in a public place, he/she will run off. We have to be inside a fenced area.

​​A little secret…ALL of my outdoor images are done on-leash, except for those captured in their own yards. I use Photoshop to remove the leashes in post-production. I also remove eye boogies, stray hairs, dirt, leaves, tags off collars and any other distracting background objects.

I scheduled a session, what do I bring/need?

The only thing I recommend is you, your dog/cat, and favorite toys/treats. For sessions I provide all natural- grain-free treats that are purchased through Nila's Tub, poop bags for clean ups, extra collars and toys. However I ask owners to bring treats and toys they know are their fur babies favorites or if they have allergies. 

Can I get multiple pets in one picture? 

Yes, there is no additional charge as long as they are from the same household.

Why can't I order digital images?

I look at my work as an art form and edit all my images with that in mind. By selling my digital files, as an artist, I am giving over control of my work and I am no long able to guarantee the quality of the results. Doing so I risk compromising my reputation. 

I do, however provide low-resolution web images (discretely watermarked) for each product ordered, to share on social media or save as your wallpaper.  These are strictly non-printable.