A Huge Thank You! Part 1

January 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Now that 2014 is done and we are at the beginning of 2015, I took a moment to slow my pace and reflect on the year. I have to say WOW! I can't thank all of you enough for the continued support and love you have shown me. Angel Sallade Photography has grown this year in many ways. 

We have made new friends in the rescue community, adding shoots this year with HSCI, GABR (Guardian Angel Basset Rescue), Illinois Saint Bernard Rescue (ISBR), and ARROW.

  • Who can forget GABR's Basset Waddle this year. I met some great people there and photographed some beautiful Bassets. 
  • It was an honor to attend the Hero Dog's with board members of HSCI. The highlight was meeting former HSCI rescue dog Kai who is now an Arson Dog in Texas. It was also a pleasure to meet and speak with Victoria Stillwell about my mother's deaf boxer.
  • I took an amazing journey to Chicago with a dear friend who is also ISBR's President for an Saint reunion. The dog's involved had all been rescued from the same person at different times. Many of these Saints were related in some way. It was amazing to see so many of them in the same location. 

I also managed to get an agent in London and now work with them to market my work with pet's commercially. This was a huge accomplishment for me. I owe a huge thanks to friend and fellow photographer Scott Harrison for helping me establish this relationship and giving me the kick I needed to finally get out there.

Some of my work was also reviewed by a greeting card company this year. They currently have one of my squirrel images still going through their process. You can bet that once the card is out I will be going to get my own copies.

In 2014, I have also maintained a working relationship with AEC (Animal Emergency Clinic) and Canine Blood Bank, photographing several of their amazing staff and pets this year. They are a group of wonderful people that truly care about your pet and you and they will help you through any crisis your pet is having during off hours.

A special thank you to the staff at SmartVet. You ladies take great care of my boys and continue to support my business which means the world to me. THANK YOU! I love all of you and your furry babies! If you are looking for a new vet, you must check out Dr Walters and Dr Burks, brilliant vets with such a great staff!

I made new friends this year and I can't say enough good about The Urban Carnivore Proactive Health Center. I have learned so much about dog food and holistic pet care from Kathy, Sally and the many professionals they host there. These ladies are just the best and you can learn so much from them. 

  • Urban Carnivore took me to my first dog show here in McLean County. This was a new experience and of course I was like a kid in a candy store with all the dogs there.
  • Kathy and Sally also hosted photo days several times this year with me and we are planning for another soon.

Earlier this year I met with Lisa from Kudos for Canines who taught me a bit about subtle stress cues of a dog. This conversation and new-found friendship was a big key in helping me move my business forward this year. These conversations continued with Lisa and with other animal behaviorist in our community like Sally from Urban Carnivore and Stephenie from Creations Dog Training. I have to admit, many clients that came to see me this year played a huge part as well. Many of them were members of TCKC (Town and Country Kennel Club) as well as pet parents that compete in the dog show arena, agility trials, and rally.

I also can't forget the Therapy Dog's of Bloomington, IL.  Several of these pups were clients this year and some were models for my commercial work as well. These dogs are making a difference for patients in the local hospitals/nursing homes all over McLean County and from them I have learn quite a bit about dog behavior. From the therapy dog owners I have learned so much about handling, a dog's response to certain stressors and behaviors.

In 2014, I had the honor to work with over 135 pets. This number does not include all the dog/cat models or event photos I did this year. This number is purely my clients- many new and some returning with new puppies. It truly was an amazing year and I could never accomplish this all without your continued love and support. I can't say it enough but THANK YOU to my clients, friends, family, and followers. I promise that it just keeps getting better in 2015- I will continue to develop my photography skills, bring in new props, find new locations and always continue to learn more about animal behavior.

Part 2 of this post will be later this afternoon, I'll revisit some of my favorite shots captured this year. For now I'll just say Happy New Year and again THANK YOU ALL!



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